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Little Scientist was first formed in 2004 as part of the after-school activity club at the hobby store that I started up in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We have been the only supporter for independent teams for First Lego League and First Vex Challenge. As a hobby enthusiast, I have the opportunity to work with many fine youth that has really become engineers and scientist which is why our store and our vision has been “Today’s Hobby Makes Future Engineers”


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Hi, my name is Daniel Chun, a digital entrepreneur that has found my first toy store in Canada in Mississauga between 2002-2007 and in 2008, I became the product and licensing manager for a toy company.


I am currently a founder for a ICT startup company in Hong Kong (www.artgrouplimited.com), a part-time Executive Director for a Kids’ charity (www.kids4kids.org.hk) and a part-time lecturer at City University of Hong Kong and also a Doctoral student in mobile learning technologies (www.mobilelearner.com)

In 2013 school year, we will start off a few robotics classes and we welcome talented youth between 8-14 to join us. Please check for our Workshop Schedules

Daniel Chun
Chief Little Scientist


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